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Results 1 to 10 from 71 Results The child or student author: didactic approaches By Claude Beaunis the 02/09/11 — 11:50 In: Nord Pas-de-Calais Congress report> Bertrand Daunay conference Professor at University Charles de Gaulle — Lille 3 Director-Theodile CIREL Add a comment Read more 1 attachment Reporting workshop «Start in Freinet / children author» (Freinet Show Nantes) by Claude Beaunis 26 / 04/11 — 9:40 in: Grand West Region> GD 44 — Loire-Atlantique account reporting Salon workshop «Start in Freinet / children author» Saturday, April 9, 2011, 16h30-18h Add new comment more Suite conference Bertrand Daunay: the child or student author, didactic approaches by Michele Comte 29/08/11 — 24:15 in: Nord Pas-de-Calais has made Congress> workshop conference workshop Wednesday, 24.08.2011 He expressed beauco up things in this workshop. Note taking is trying to recreate the essence of the exchange. Add a comment Read more The child author: practical emancipation By Michele Comte 28/08/11 — 0:39 In: Nord Pas-de-Calais Congress report> educational workshop Principles> Communication pedagogical principles> term -creation teaching techniques> class organization> life of the classroom teaching techniques> what’s new? Following Nicolas GB Tuesday conference 23.08.11 Research Lab Industry Add Comment Read more child actor and author: teaching approaches of Janusz Korczak By Michele Comte 28/08/11 — 4:13 p.m. In: Nord Pas -de-Calais Congress report> workshop Atelier education Tuesday 23 and Thursday, 25.08.2011 Jonathan Levy, English trainer education presents a UNESCO project about Janusz Korczak. How to update the author child’s problem as Janusz Korczak? Add a comment Read more Practices Analysis Group GD 44 — Meeting of April 23, 2010 By Francois Le Menaheze on 03/05/10 — 6:49 p.m. In: Grand West Region> GD 44 — Loire-Atlantique account technical meeting ACP group — 23/04 Present: Mary Queen — Valerie — Claude — Paul — Francois — Gwenaelle excused: Celine Ga Karine K and J, Dorothy Add comment Read more Congress Strasbourg — conference, «News of the natural method» by Muriel Quoniam on 26/08/09 — 9:54 in: Gr Congress has made research Laboratory pedagogical principles> natural method ICEM research Lab «News of the natural method» Add a comment Read more 2 files. attached minutes (ACP Cooperative Practices Analysis) — IDEM 44 by Claude Beaunis on 09/11/09 — 9:44 in: Grand West Region> GD 44 — Loire-Atlantique account pedagogical principles> Method One e natural pedagogical techniques> What’s new? teaching techniques> Free text Tuesday, November 3rd, school Angel Guepin- Nantes APPROACH ADOPTED WORK: 1) A person exposes a side of his practice that he wants to present. 2) questions of other participants to clarify anything that has not been said about how this practice. 3) Analysis of the practice under the Freinet. Add a comment Read more educational conference «heterogeneity and learning difficulties» IDEM homework college
44 By Claude Beaunis the 04/02/13 — 11:35 In: Grand West Region> GD 44 — Loire-Atlantique account pedagogical techniques> Work the individualized Wednesday, January 30, 2013 took place the educational animation «heterogeneity and learning difficulties» IDEM 44. this year the entertainment was included in the training plan. In previous years, an educational conference on the same theme had taken place, but outside the institutional framework, as part of the «against-animation». Add a comment Read more 1 attachment Empower poetry By Michele Comte 03/10/11 — 24:34 In: Proceedings Congress Account> educational workshop Principles> term-creation pedagogical techniques> Classroom Organization> Life class WORKSHOP WEDNESDAY 24 AOUT 2011 Animation Martine Boncourt 50 people the author child I poetry and word games we allow children to be in contact with the author poems … Add new comment Read more 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 next> last »
We build Pedagogy Popular, March 15, 1938 Blog perso Catherine Chabrun the 11/09/15 — 11:33 new bourgeois education or new popular education? Freinet meets the institution’s questions. The child would he do what he pleased in Freinet classes? The child should he suffer to learn? Excitement, enthusiasm, joy, life … are key drivers that does not include the Scholastic. Yet, understanding what the child has to do, the organization and the direction of the activities it provides in a cooperative community showed their success rather than authoritarianism, individualism, obedience passive and obligation. The Freinet classes are modern in their techniques consistent with those used by the company. Convincing speeches by Insufficient experience and experimentation are essential. Freinet insists that this popular teaching techniques are not frozen in theory, because they are not definitively established. They will evolve over the experiences and reflections to more humane and more efficient practices, a vast construction site! The Printing at the School is a movement driven forward through life. Blog Catherine Chabrun More The case is won, 1 March 1938 Blog perso Catherine Chabrun the 09/09/15 — 10:34 A «progress report» of Printing at the School. A report which projects the future and says that Freinet is neither a finite method or a dogma, but a movement. An ambitious project still under construction, which must meet all educators concerned with pedagogical efficiency certainly, but also of emancipatory education. To Freinet, every educator must juggle the liberating educational activity and social and political action. The threat of fascism hangs over the future … Blog Catherine Chabrun More Still an effort to understand, February 15, 1938 Blog perso Catherine Chabrun the 08/09/15 — 11:35 The new education with its activities » attractive «is insufficient, we must give meaning to work with a new educational resource: the community. In contrast to an individualistic and authoritarian education, feel part of a social current allows to surpass Freinet rejects … «The boring teaching» as a means — advocated in the last General Manual — to motivate children: after boredom, all seem attractive! Do not accustom children to poverty, injustice, rather bring them happiness, justice and enthusiasm, they will be better trained to go ahead, be brave and defend their rights. Prefer train them to life with movement adopts and adapts the goals and techniques. Blog Catherine Chabrun More Back pedagogy? Personal blog of Catherine the Chabrun 03/09/15 — 10:24 Back in 2015, new programs shall apply: «Moral and Civic Education» and those of the Preschool. Others are planned for September 2016: the reform of the college, already published and evaluation in development. We find all these «new» practices and pedagogical principles implemented in classrooms for many years … or even the time of the new education the previous century. Blog Catherine Chabrun Read more French Group of New Education and we, 1st January 1938 Blog perso Catherine Chabrun the 09/02/15 — 11:13 In response to the resolution taken at a national meeting of GFEN Freinet renewed concerns about the future of work with the group if it does not become more active and representative in the departmental sections and the first degree. Blog Catherine Chabrun More (R) evolution of education by the small section — A question of indiscipline — Blog perso Jean Astier 01/09/15 — 1:30 p.m. If the change came from the base ? The blog of Jean Astier 2 comments More About school cooperatives, 1st January 1938 Blog perso Catherine Chabrun the 01/09/15 — 11:38 A focus Freinet, after receiving a letter from Bartholomew profit blog Catherine Chabrun more reform CPCE 1st January 1938 blog perso Catherine Chabrun the 09/01/15 — 11:06 Freinet recalls the proposals of the movement for access to the second degree for all those who followed the primary education.

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